The Mythological Devil Called Soya

White wood floor with wooden cup with soybean,top view and copyspace,soybeans in wooden bowl with wooden spoon on table wooden

Some say soya is destroying the environment and rainforests. Nonetheless, producing protein from chicken requires three times as much land as protein from soybeans, while pork needs nine times the amount of land, and beef almost 32 times as much as that. Indeed, rather than soya being the problem, the issue is rather the attempt to grow enough soya to feed farmed animals.

Veganuary’s website claims that “Soya has no known effects on testosterone levels in men. This myth has come about because soya contains natural phytoestrogens, known as isoflavones, which resemble oestrogen chemically. In Asia, where consumption of soya products is greater than in the US and UK, prostate cancers are less common in men. In fact, consumption of soya is associated with a 20-30 per cent reduced risk of prostate cancer. And, incredibly, research has shown that consuming soya can actually help slow down the rate of prostate cancer if it has already taken hold. Research shows that women who consume more soya suffer less breast and uterine cancers.”

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