The Balanced Vegan Plate

Healthy food selection with fruits, vegetables, seeds, super foods, cereals and the plate in the middle as copy space

New vegans might repeatedly be told to “Eat the rainbow”, but here’s a clearer concept of how to get the nutrition your body needs. A vegan’s daily requirements include:


3 servings (3/4 cup cooked or ½ 400g tin drained) of beans or legumes. Consider a protein powder also if particularly active

Vitamins & Minerals:

8 servings of fruit (2 or servings) and vegetables (5 or 6 servings, of which 2 or 3 servings dark green leafy vegetables)


4 or 5 servings (1/2 cup) of wholegrains, sprouted grains, and starchy vegetables (think sweet potato, rather than your regular white spud)


2 or 3 cups of calcium-rich foods, such as tofu and enriched dairy-free milk alternatives. Consider also a vitamin D supplement


2 or 3 servings of nuts and seeds per day

2 tbsp of Omega-3 rich foods (including DHAs & EPAs), such as flaxseeds, chia, hemp, or walnuts (or a blended oil of these)

Vitamin B12 supplement

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