About Just Natural - Health & Beauty

As the country slowly emerges from the lockdown, the recent troubling times have served as an important reminder of the very real precariousness of the planet’s situation: from zoonotic diseases to global warming, 2050 is fast approaching – with blaring alarums.  Now, thankfully, more eyes are open to climate change reality, and more people are willing to enact changes in their daily lives to offset the damage done.

There has never been a more apt, a more crucial time for the very existence of the health and wellness industry. One only has to turn on the news – televisual or audio – or flick open the daily paper to be struck time and time again by the desperate situation our planet and its people are in – to such a point that those people want change. And that change is plant-based.

Indeed, such thinking is precisely what brought about the launch of Just Natural Health & Beauty, a magazine absolutely passionate about health and wellbeing, about the best lifestyle possible and the top-quality products necessary to live environmentally-conscious on this planet with little or no illness; and fervently unshaken in its belief that local changes enact worldwide effects.

Just Natural Health & Beauty knows that the independent retailer is vital to the road to recovery. Shopping on the local high street is the greenest way to have a voice in the national economy – and if everyone shuns the internet and takes their money to these local, holistically minded retailers, then we could see effects eventually on a global scale. We need to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible so that future generations may have the chance to tread upon green and pleasant lands (at least in Ol’ Blighty, anyway), and reap natural-given bounty. The 2050 cut off becomes that bit less daunting when we’re actually doing something about it.

To this end, you’ll find within these pages a little helping hand of guidance, and hopefully something appealing for everyone. Further, we want you to share this ethos of hope with others – though it begins with but one, it is the many, it is the global community that will be the saviour of Earth.”